Liaison officers

If it was not for liaison officers no maritime event could take place. For more than ten years, they can be seen at every Tall Ships Races, Sea Days Festival or Sail Szczecin.

The distinct red T-shirts are their trademark. All finals of The Tall Ships Races have been supported by hundreds of liaison officers who walked thousands of miles.
Whenever someone needs a screw, medical assistance or new sandals, it’s no problem. Liaison Officers do the impossible immediately; miracles take a little longer ;).

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Sail Szczecin and the finals of The Tall Ships Races are the largest maritime events in Western Pomerania. During a few festival days, Szczecin becomes the capital of sailing.

Who is the liaison officer?

A liaison officer is the first contact person between ships and the organisers. Each officer is assigned to a ship for which they will provide comprehensive care, from welcoming, distributing welcome packages, participating in cruises and offering any assistance during the event. Officers accompany their ships and crews during all four days, providing ongoing response to all situations, including unforeseeable ones.

What do we offer?

  1.  meals
  2. insurance for the duration of the event
  3. welcome packages
  4. theme-oriented training
  5. experience
  6. taking part in an incredible adventure

Who can become a liaison officer?

Recruitment is open to people who:

  • are over 18 on submitting the application
  • have at least a communicative command of English (knowledge of a second language would be an advantage, especially German and Scandinavian languages),
  • are available for the entire duration of the event,
  • are open to other people and the world, have communication skills, responsibility, organisation skills, flexibility, commitment to their tasks, and high personal manners,
  • are able to work under pressure and feel comfortable in new difficult and sometimes stressful situations,
  • are healthy.
How to become a liaison officer?
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